Artists on Life Festival Oswiecim


Mesajah (born Manuel Rengifo Diaz) is a Polish vocalist, author and composer. He started his career in 2003 as a frontman of a band called Natural Dread Killaz.


In 2008 he recorded his debut solo album „Ludzie prości” (Common People) with a surprising and original blend of reggae, dancehall, dub and hip-hop – the album was very succesful and its promoting single „Każdego dnia” (Everyday) bacame a hit known not only to reggae fans.

In 2012 Mesajah issued 2nd album „Jestem stąd” (I’m From Here). The lyrics on the record treat about tolerance, equality and discimination of people with different skin colour. The album was promoted by singles and video clips „Ogień” (Fire), „Do rana” (Until Morning) and „Szukając szczęścia” (Looking for Happiness).

June 2013 witnessed a release of Mesajah’s 3rd album "Brudna prawda" (Dirty Truth) with guest appearences of many notable artists such as Abradab, paXon, Yanaz, OnaManArmy, Tallib, Grizzlee, Blackout JA and IGrades.

Mesajah has had a chance to share a stage with Gentleman, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, Stephen Marley and Wu Tang Clan among others. On 23rd of June 2017 he will perform at Life Festival Oświęcim before famous Jamaican Shaggy.