Life Festival Oświęcim is an idea of Darek Maciborek, a music journalist of a radio station RMF FM, who lives in Oświęcim. His intention was to “break the spell” of his home town that is commonly associated solely with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

The main concept of the Festival is to build peaceful relations beyond cultural and state borders where there is no place for racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of xenophobia. The message of a peace and tolerance comes from the town where during the Second World War (WWII) was the largest Nazi concentration and extermination camp - Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Among headliners of LFO were: Queen & Adam Lambert (2016), Elton John (2016), Chris de Burgh (2015), Manu Chao (2015), Eric Clapton (2014), Soundgarden (2014), Sting (2013), Peter Gabriel (2012), James Blunt (2011) and Ray Wilson (2010).

LFO’s line-up consists of artists representing a variety of countries, cultures and music styles: Matisyahu (USA), Kozak System (Ukraine), Jamaram (Germany), Hatikva 6 (Israel), Twinkle Brothers (Jamaica), Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra (Belgium) as well as top Polish acts: Dawid Podsiadło, Kroke & Anna Maria Jopek, Hey, Brodka, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Kayah, Perfect, Voo Voo, Varius Manx, T.Love, Blue Cafe, Dżem and many more.

In LFO’s program there is also place for classical concerts, theater spectacles and street run. Important role plays a mural designed especially for the festival by world renowned Polish artists such as Oscar winner Tomasz Bagiński, and multi-awarded illustrator Rafał Obliński.


Previous editions of the festival

- LFO 2016
- LFO 2015
- LFO 2014
- LFO 2013
- LFO 2012
- LFO 2011
- LFO 2010